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January 2022

Collegiate Program Winners Announced

Congratulations to the collegiate teams and individuals on their accomplishments during the 2021 Collegiate Championships!


Team Winners:

1st place — MSU Aerobatic Team 

2nd place — U.S. Air Force Academy Aerobatic Team 

3rd place — UND Aerobatic Team

Individual Winners:

1st place — Emerson Beinhauer, University of Colorado

2nd place — Ryan Tierney, MSU

3rd place — Roger Austin Belleau, MSU


2021 Regional Series Winners Announced

The final scores have been tabulated for the 2021 regional series competition. Seventy-nine pilots successfully competed at three or more contests needed to qualify for the series and place in the top three in their category for their respective region.


First, second, and third-place decals are awarded to qualified participants in each category (Primary through Unlimited - Power and Glider) in each of the six regions (Mid-America, South-Central, Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast).


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By John Ostmeyer, IAC 22969

Your First Contest

So, you’ve taken an aerobatic course and decided to try out competition aerobatics, but where do you start? It can seem like a daunting task to show up with all these experienced competitors and be the new guy, but I think once you try it out you’ll find that everyone wants you to succeed and will be more than happy to help you out. The purpose of this article is to help you overcome the “fear of the unknown” that all of us feel when trying something for the first time.


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A Letter to the Next U.S. Nationals Contest Director

By Doug Bartlett, IAC 431228

Running the US Nationals

The U.S. National Aerobatic Championships is not a new event. As a matter of fact, it has been held for more than 50 years in one form or another. So, why is it so challenging? By now, it should be a cookie-cutter event. Just a “follow the script” sort of event. Well, not so, especially if it is a new venue or if it is under new rules (such as Unknown figures selection and wind speed rule changes), or if the financial pressures of the IAC have changed from one year to the next. These types of changes make each Nationals unique.


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By Kaylin Hart, IAC 440518

Two Buck Chuck

The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 air show featured grassroots aerobatic-capable aircraft that the average aviator can afford. Nathan Hammond, Erik Edgren, flying a clipped-wing Taylorcraft; and RJ Gritter, flying a Bellanca Decathlon, explain how they came up with the act to promote safe and affordable aerobatics as well as the IAC as a whole.


Read more in the January/February issue of Sport Aerobatics ›



Aura Aero, the digital and eco-efficient aircraft manufacturer based in Toulouse, France, has just received Part 21 Subpart G approval for all of its industrial facilities, an approval mandatory for officially launching serial production of the INTEGRAL family.


The company will start serial assembly activities, mostly for the INTEGRAL R (two-seater, turmeric engine, taildragger landing gear), the first of which will be delivered to two French flying clubs.


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Aura Aero


See Baptiste Vignes, French aerobatic team member and Challenger Red Bull Air Race Championship, fly a series of aerobatic figures in this Facebook video.


By Mike Heuer, IAC 4

Dan McGarry died on October 6, 2021, at age 83, and IAC lost a wonderful and devoted pilot and friend. Dan was the quintessential member — quiet, unassuming, and no drama. He loved aviation, aerobatics, and competition.


He joined IAC almost immediately after our formation in 1970 and carried membership number 30. Dan was a wonderful example of selfless volunteerism that has characterized our organization for the last five decades, in addition to being an accomplished competitor.


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Gone West: Dan McGarry

Dan McGarry

Contest Insurance Coverage Increase

IAC chapter leaders, when you renew your chapter with EAA, you choose insurance coverage for IAC practice days and contests ranging from $1 million to $3 million in coverage. The premium fees on your chapter renewal remain the same.


If you’ve already renewed and want to bump up your insurance coverage, contact an EAA insurance specialist.


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By Zinnia Kilkenny, IAC 437244

Meet a Member - Jeff Milton

Jeff Milton

“I started tailwheel endorsement training with CFI Mark Henshall in Brian Jones’ Great Lakes,” said Jeff Milton. “The first day I showed up, Mark said, “You wanna try something different?” The next thing I knew, I was vertical performing my first Hammerhead.  


“Then after that, I moved over to Paul Miko’s Great Lakes, which became the gateway drug to the Yak. Miko owned the Yak and the Great Lakes, and he had a kid on the way, so he was now a ‘Yak dealer.’ He took me up for a taste — it was love at first loop.”


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Join IAC



The IAC sanctions more than 35 regional contests annually. Each one receives Unlimited, Advanced, and Intermediate Unknown sequences. That's a LOT of sequences.


We are looking for volunteers from each region to help with input and Unknowns that can be vetted for legality and put in the pool of 2022 Unknowns.

Call for 2022 Unknowns

If you have an interest in helping out, please email Mike Ciliberti at [email protected].


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Many people have made significant contributions to the sport and art of aerobatic flight. Some have dedicated their lives to aerobatics. Some of these people may not be pilots. You know who they are!


The deadline for nominations to the IAC Hall of Fame is February 1, 2022. The official nomination petition can be found online at IAC.com>archives>Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Submission Deadlines


Contest Insurance Coverage Increase

Awesome work with the next round of up-and-coming competition pilots. A great group of students dipping their toe in the water and learning what competition flying is all about. Well done to IAC 3 pilots Marty Flournoy, Charlie Sikes, and Shaun Brautigan donating their time, effort, and many years of combined experience to help these young pilots learn and grow. Keep at it everyone, the next national champ might be in this photo!


In order to increase participation, IAC Glider Chair Jason Stephens proposed a change of venue for the U.S. National Aerobatic Advanced and Unlimited Glider Championships. The proposal, which was presented at the IAC board of directors fall meeting, was approved and the Estrella Classic will be hosting the championship in Maricopa, Arizona, on February 17-19, 2022.

Estrella Classic Hosts National Glider Championships

This is the first time since 2001, when the gliders joined the powered aircraft at Nationals, that the Advanced and Unlimited glider champions will be crowned in an event that is solely a glider competition.


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Watch: Erin’s First Contest in the Super Decathlon

Pilot Makers Director of Recruiting Erin Chitty flies her first aerobatic competition in this YouTube video. This was the 2018 Tequila Cup in Arizona. She placed third overall! Also thanks to her safety pilot Andrew Marvin!


Read the article about Pilot Makers Advanced Flight Academy aerobatic team in the January/February issue of Sport Aerobatics ›



This is how to do it!

By Malcolm Pond, IAC 429965

EAA Virtual Cockpit Tours

The 2021 contest season has drawn to a close. Take time to consider what you did, both right and wrong, before you get enmeshed with this season’s sequences and contest schedule. Now is a good time to study the 2022 proposed knowns, design your freestyle, and consider whether to move up to a different class. By all means, review the rule book and attend a judging class, without the hassle of the contest season. 


Malcom's top five winning tips ›



2022 IAC-Sanctioned Contest Listings


It's not too early for competitors and volunteers to register for the 2022 contest season. Visit IAC.org/contests for all the details.


2021-22 Other IAC Events

February 26-27, 2022 — 2022 Intro to Aerobatic Judging class, New Century, Kansas



Are you getting ready to build an aircraft or in the middle of a project and looking for some expert advice? EAA has a series of videos from EAA SportAir Workshops instructors that can guide you through everything from sheet metal, electrical, to wood and fabric work.


Enjoy this presentation by IAC member Nathan Drummond on, “Attaching Bias Tape to Curved Wing Tips”.


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IAC has been participating in the EAA webinar series since 2011. You can visit many of the webinars given by IAC members online.

IAC Webinars

Planning on moving up a category in 2022? Listen in with Intermediate competitor Wes Liu as he guides you in determining when to move up from the Sportsman to the Intermediate aerobatic competition category. 


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January 2022 Wallpaper

25th anniversary flight of the Giles G-200


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