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September 2022

U.S. Nationals LIVE on YouTube!

U.S. Nationals LIVE on YouTube!

Last year we ran commentary on Facebook Live during the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships to test the waters and see who would be interested in tuning in. WOW! More than 10,000 tuned into the Unlimited Unknown 1 competition, commentated by Sport Aerobatics Editor Lorrie Penner.

This year we’ve added more commentators including Mike Goulian, three-time member of the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team and 1995 U.S. Unlimited National Aerobatic Champion, and Jeff Petrocelli and Mark Pollard of “Fly Cool Stuff” podcast fame. If you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe today and tune in to Nationals on October 2, 2022.


G-Force Training and the Aerobatic Pilot, Part 2

The 11-Year Pitts Model 11

By Josh Pruzek, IAC Lifetime 24408, and Tony Horvath, IAC 440961

In the spring of 1998, Josh Pruzek received the May issue of EAA Sport Aviation. On the cover was the brand-new Aviat Pitts S-1-11B. “Flies like a monoplane with two wings,” Kirby Chambliss said! “I want one badly,” Budd Davisson said. “Me too!” Josh thought.

After building and selling a Christen Eagle project a few years later to finance a flying Pitts S-1S, his thoughts drifted back to the S-1-11B. He felt there were some changes he’d like to make, and the Model 11 looked like the best bang for the buck.

Read more in the September/October issue of Sport Aerobatics ›

ITL Exclusive Content

Pappy Spinks

IAC Hall of Fame Inductee Announced

Maurice Hunter “Pappy” Spinks has been selected by the IAC Hall of Fame committee and approved by the IAC board of directors to be inducted into the International Aerobatic Hall of Fame for 2022.

Pappy was the president of the Aerobatic Club of America, an active competitor, and the sponsor of the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships in 1967-71 at the Oak Grove Airport in Texas. Read more ›

Pappy Spinks

Pappy Spinks (Left) pictured with Charlie Hillard and the “Spinks Acromaster”


On the Road to Nationals

On the Road to Nationals - Final Free Form

By Rob Dumovic, IAC 436964

I am training to compete at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships. Every week I will be posting my journey to get ready to go out for the U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team.

In this 11th episode I’m practicing my freestyle. Doing my best to make it a little less of an unknown. I start with some simple figures to acclimate myself to pulling gs. Working on wing correctors; looping sections and whether they are upwind or downwind; how much I need to pull or not pull to make sure there is a continuous radius. Watch now ›

MT Prropeller


Government Relations

Contest Waivers and Participant Documents

There was much discussion recently online regarding the surprising decision that the Riverside, California, FSDO personnel would be performing ramp checks for inspector training. The FSDO also interpreted text in the certificate of waiver to include verifying flight review currency at the Redlands Aerobatic Contest, sponsored by IAC Chapter 26.

The IAC Government Relations Chair John Smutny had numerous discussions with the FSDO and the regional representative of the FAA's National Aviation Events Program regarding the Riverside FSDO's decisions. Read more ›


Lines & Angles: Glider Team Thanks Supporters

U.S. Glider Team Thanks Supporters

Team USA just returned home from WGAC 2022 in Issoudun, France. A great experience flying with so many of our friends from around the world! Jason Stephens finished 16th in Unlimited, while first-time contestants Joseph Gerner and Shad Coulson placed 23rd and 25th in the Advanced category. Thank you to all our families and supporters back home and a big thanks to the Gliding Club of Issoudun for organizing the competition. Read more ›


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Gone West: John Gaillard

By Mike Heuer, IAC 4

I am deeply sorry for the loss of John. He was a friend and IAC member since the 1980s. We worked together at CIVA and FAI Aerobatic Championships since that time as members of the Bureau and also in his role as chair of the Judges Committee.

John’s legacy will be the improvement and quality of the championships and the judging we enjoy today. John was a consistent, strong, and persistent advocate for our judges and brought the best people to the judging line to give our pilots the evaluations they deserve. I cannot overstate how influential John was in that regard. Read more ›

Gone West: John Gaillard
US Nationals


2022 Nationals Update

Pre-Register for the U.S. Nationals

Good news. As of this morning on September 9, we are up to 92 pilots registered for Nationals. If you plan to participate — either as a pilot or volunteer — please pre-register on the IAC website at the U.S. Nationals contest listing. Only 20 days to go until the launch of the first flight in the box.


Car Rentals at Nationals

An agreement for car rentals has been secured with Hertz. Please review special instructions. There is a dedicated person and phone number online. DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 16! Book now!


Meet a Member - Marinus Lamprecht

L-R Angela Rogers, Gene Behrends, assistant chief flight instructor and Bob Jeanes, flight instructor.

IAC 3 and Middle Georgia State University’s New Aerobatics Club

“We’ve been really fortunate in receiving support from the local International Aerobatic Club IAC Chapter 3,” said Angela Rogers. Angela is the president and one of the primary organizers of Middle Georgia State University’s (MGA) new aerobatics club.

“IAC 3’s members have placed several students on scholarships, given them opportunities to fly a Super Decathlon for practice, and gotten them into competitions at Sebring, Florida. Read more ›


Meet a Member - Marinus Lamprecht

Photo Courtesy of Jay Bird Aviation Photos

Marinus Lamprecht

By Zinnia Kilkenny IAC 437244

“Flying and being a pilot have been my passions for as long as I can remember, but the opportunities to pursue my interests eluded me until later in life,” said Marinus. “My initial flight training was in a Citabria. Since I had a capable aerobatic pilot as an instructor, part of my training was flying aerobatics. I met Ross Ferguson and Marian Harris at my local airport pilot association. They introduced me to competition. With their help and guidance, I signed up for my first contest and started to train to compete.” Read more ›



In the August issue of In the Loop, Kamryn Lamprecht’s first name was spelled incorrectly. Our apologies.


2021 Annual Awards Presented

2021 Annual Award Recipients Announced

Each year, the membership of the International Aerobatic Club nominates outstanding volunteers to be recognized for their contributions to the sport of aerobatics. This year’s recipients were honored at the IAC member gathering and dinner at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Please congratulate the following IAC members for their contributions to the aerobatic community.

Frank Price Cup: Bob “Bwana” Buckley
Robert L. Heuer Award for Judging Excellence: Jeff Granger
Kathy Jaffee Volunteer Award: Fred and Liza Weaver
Harold E. Neumann Award for Outstanding Contribution as a Chief Judge: Mark “Matty” Matticola Read more ›

2021 Annual Awards Presented

National Point Series Update (“The Leo”)

By Bob Freeman, IAC 8532

As the season progresses, the IACCDB results continue to roll in and the regional qualifiers for the Leo National Point Series Championship continue to emerge.

As of August 20, Philipp Gragg in Sportsman and Craig Fitzgerald in Advanced have qualified in three regions. Four pilots out of 63 in Primary have flown in two regions and 6 out of 78 pilots have flown in two regions. Four pilots out of 46 in Intermediate have flown in two regions and eight out of 40 pilots in Advanced have flown in two regions. Read more ›

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How to Fasten a Hooker Harness

How to Fasten a Hooker Harness

By Spencer Suderman, IAC 429636

Like most things in aviation and aerobatics, there are many ways to answer the questions about installation and use of this product (Hooker Harness) within a set of guidelines. After a good round of arguments (on the Acroexploder) on the what, how, and why of installation and securing of these, I called Scott at Hooker Harness and had a nice conversation to collect actual facts. Read more ›


Get Your Start

Get Your Start — Ed Haywood

Ed Haywood has a fantastic time and gets his start at his first contest at Sebring, Florida. “People really treated me great.” Ed gives a special thanks to Contest Director Bob Stark. “He’s been very welcoming and very friendly to new pilots, who are at their first competition, to help walk them through the contest. He understands it can be a particularly intimidating part of getting into the sport.” Enjoy this video ›


2022 IAC–Sanctioned Contest Listings

It’s not too early for competitors and volunteers to register for the 2022 contest season. Visit IAC.org/contests for all the details.

2022 Other IAC Events and Deadlines

New! Video of the IAC Forums from EAA AirVenture 2022

Thanks to 2022 IAC AirVenture chairman Jordan Ashley, for the first time we are able to bring the IAC forums to our IAC YouTube channel.

The videos have been edited for sound and two are ready for viewing. Enjoy these first forums and more to follow in the coming months.

Speaker: Dagmar Kress

Topic: Aerobatics and Aerodynamics

Dagmar is an international world aerobatic champion who has competed for the United States and also for Germany. She is a certified flight instructor and professor at Metropolitan State University Denver (MSU) and has been involved in aviation for more than 30 years. Watch now ›

IAC archived webinar

Speaker: Dan Hollowell

Topic: How to Become an Air Show Pilot

Dan Hollowell joined the ICAS staff as the organization’s new director of operations in July 2008. A graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in aviation management, Hollowell is a multi-engine commercial pilot with an instrument rating. Watch now ›

IAC archived webinar


N114EW | SWIFT LTD | Model: S1 | Year Built: 1993

Flown by Paul Jennings in the 2012 Four-Minute Freestyle at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships

Photography by Laurie Zaleski

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