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August 2022

International Aerobatics Day

Rob Holland, Jeff Boerboon, and Craig Gifford

U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team Wins Bronze

2022 World Aerobatic Championships

Congratulations to the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team on earning a third-place bronze overall at WAC 2022. Rob Holland, Jeff Boerboon, and Craig Gifford’s scores were added up for Team USA to land them on the podium.

Rob turned in solid performances on the Free Known and the second Free Unknown, earning a Silver medal in each flight. Jeff Boerboon stayed in the top 12 on three of his flights coming in at 26th on the 3rd Unknown. Craig Gifford had a slow start in 41st place on his first flight, but consistently moved up each flight and finished the 3rd Unknown in 11th place. Read more ›


G-Force Training and the Aerobatic Pilot, Part 2

G-Force Training and the Aerobatic Pilot, Part 2

By Jeff Granger, IAC 19907

In part 1 of G-Force Training and the Aerobatic Pilot, I shared an experience from June 2003 when I almost blacked out while flying the contests in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, in my Extra 200.

In part 2, three pilots describe their experience with g-forces. They share ways to increase your tolerance for the effects of high positive and negative gs.

Read more in the July/August issue of Sport Aerobatics ›

ITL Exclusive Content

On the Road to Nationals

On the Road to Nationals

By Rob Dumovic, IAC 436964

I am training to compete at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships. Every week I will be posting my journey to get ready to try out for the USA Advanced Aerobatic Team.

In this fifth episode, I’ve had the airplane for three weeks and I’m training for my first contest of the season in the Extra. Join me at the IAC Chapter 11 contest in Warrenton, Virginia, for the ups and downs of the competition world. Watch now ›

Meet the U.S. Unlimited and Advanced Aerobatic Glider Team

Meet the U.S. Unlimited and Advanced Aerobatic Glider Team

Congratulations to the United States Aerobatic Team pilots that will be competing in the 12th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships and the 24th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships. The championships take place in Issoudun, France, from the 11th of August through the 27th.

The pilots traveling to France in August are Jason Stephens for the Unlimited category and Shad Coulson, Joe Gerner, and Mallory Lynch for the Advanced category. The competitors qualified for the team at the Estrella Classic, held in Maricopa, Arizona, which ran from February 16 to 19, 2022. Read more ›

MT Prropeller


International Aerobatics Day

2022 IAC Election Results

The 2022 IAC officer and director voting was closed on July 26 and the election results were presented at the IAC Annual Meeting on July 29 at the IAC Aerobatic Center during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022.

Jim Bourke (running unopposed) was re-elected as IAC President and Sara Arnold (also running unopposed) was re-elected IAC Secretary.

There were six candidates running for three open director positions. Doug Bartlett, Doug Jenkins, and Marty Flournoy were elected to those positions. Read more ›


Frank Price Portrait Donated to the IAC

Mike Heuer, IAC 4, IAC Historian

I was delighted to see the photo of Frank Price that was received from the Charlie Harris estate. Charlie was a very devoted guy — organized a lot of things — and I have seen this portrait before. I am not sure of this, but I believe it was taken at Oshkosh.

I have a ton of stories about Frank — and am also happy that years ago, a trophy was created in his honor to recognize people who had made substantial contributions to aerobatics. Frank certainly did. Read more ›

Frank Price Portrait Donated to IAC



Gone West: Linda Hamer


Linda Hamer, IAC 7223, of Peru, Illinois, died peacefully at home July 6. She became an active member of IAC in 1980. By the 1993 annual, she had the privilege of having served the IAC in a leadership position for 11 years — the first eight as IAC secretary, followed by two years as IAC vice president and one year as the first female IAC president. During her two terms as IAC president, Linda focused on new members, broadening the scope of aerobatics to all, and promoting safety and education. Read more ›

Gone West: Linda Hamer


Roll with Us: Join or Renew by October 1 and save $15

Roll with Us: Join or Renew by October 1 and save $15

Join the IAC and experience one of the most exciting sports in the world. Aerobatics will teach you to perfect and refine your flying skills, recover safely from spins and unusual attitudes, fly a perfect loop, and meet and compete with some of the most talented aviators in the country.

The IAC is the world’s largest aerobatic organization, dedicated to promoting and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of sport aerobatics. Roll with us!

US Nationals


2022 Nationals Schedule Posted

2022 Nationals Schedule Posted

The initial schedule for the 2022 U.S. National Aerobatic Championship has been posted to the IAC website.

Check out some of the non-flying activities:

Sunday, October 2, is the Opening Ceremony and general briefing.
The same evening, gather at the Hilton Garden Inn. The big screens will broadcast the Kansas City Chiefs game against Tampa Bay.

Tuesday, October 4, IAC members are invited to gather at The Garage for a fun-filled evening of camaraderie, food, and drink.

Friday, October 7, is the Nationals Award Ceremonies and Banquet at the Hilton Garden Inn.


Aaron Nahale at High Planes Hotpoxia

“The High Planes Hotpoxia contest at KFMM IAC Chapter 12 contest is over… didn’t win… but I had a lot of fun! Met and watched a lot of amazing passionate aerobatic pilots! Learned so much about judging… got a lot of tips and learned a lot about minimizing my nauseousness and preventing gray-outs,” said Aaron Nahale.

The Hotpoxia contest held in July at Fort Morgan, Colorado, saw 28 pilots competing in Primary through Advanced categories. 14 of them were in the Primary category thanks to attendance by the Metropolitan State University Denver Collegiate Aerobatic Team.

See Aaron’s photos ›

See the scores ›

Aaron Nahale at High Planes Hotpoxia
IAC 34 in Camp Scholler: Chapter Camping at 2022 AirVenture

IAC 34 in Camp Scholler: Chapter Camping at 2022 AirVenture

During the planning stages of the IAC presence at this year’s AirVenture, Jordan Ashley, IAC AirVenture Chairman, proposed that the IAC have an area in Camp Scholler for any IACers that wanted to camp together. Jeff Granger was appointed to organize camping and discovered that a chapter must reserve the space rather than the organization.

So IAC 34 (Ohio) Secretary, Lorrie Penner volunteered her chapter to handle the group reservations. Reserving six spots, she went looking for IAC members. When the dust settled IAC members from Chapter 12 (Colorado MSU Collegiate team) 34, 88, and 139 (the new Utah chapter) camped together in Scholler. Read more ›


Kamrym Lamprecht

By Zinnia Kilkenny, IAC 437244

“To hear a new rule allowing student pilots to compete with a safety pilot who is a CFI was remarkable news,” said Kamrym. “I’ve been flying with Ross Ferguson for a few years and am grateful that someone was willing to be thrown around in a plane for half an hour to an hour until our eyes go googly from the amount of aileron rolls.”

Read more about Kamrym and her first competition at Borrego Springs, California.

Kamrym Lamprecht


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Get Your Start

Benjamin Poffenberger Gets Started in Aerobatics at Sebring

After joining the EAA and the IAC, Benjamin Poffenberger found some people involved with IAC competition, who helped mentor him in getting started in the sport.

Ben entered his first contest in Sebring, Florida, in March 2022, flying his Van’s RV-4. Flying against two other competitors, he finished with one first place and two second place medals to land on top and finish first place overall. Enjoy this YouTube video ›


2022 AirVenture Recap

Todd Ashcraft, Michael Church and Jordan Ashley

EAA AirVenture 2022 IAC Volunteer Awards

During AirVenture this year, the IAC celebrated our volunteers… “the Lift beneath our Wings.” Five new awards were developed to thank the IAC volunteers at Oshkosh for their many hours of dedication to the IAC.

Congratulations to Jean Taylor – Longevity Award, Michael Church – Chairman’s Award, Todd Ashcraft – Service Award, Patty Wagstaff – Forums Award, Justin Miller – IAC Show Plane Award, and Nina Stewart – Rising Star Award. Read more ›



2022 IAC–Sanctioned Contest Listings

It’s not too early for competitors and volunteers to register for the 2022 contest season. Visit IAC.org/contests for all the details.

2022 Other IAC Events and Deadlines


IAC Archived Webinars

IAC has been participating in the EAA webinar series since 2011. You can visit many of the webinars given by IAC members online.

Webinar- Buying Your First Aerobatic Airplane:
Budd Davisson talks about the myriad considerations involved in buying your first aerobatic airplane. Watch now ›

IAC archived webinar

Emergency Bailout Procedures for Pilots and Survival Equipment:
Allen Silver is an FAA master parachute rigger and former FAA-designated rigger examiner who will be talking about how to use a parachute in an emergency bailout and some survival equipment pilots can use. Watch now ›

IAC archived webinar


N806PS - Pitts Model 11, a modified Pitts Special S-1-11B

Built by Josh Pruzek with Mark and John Sorrell of Hiperbipe fame and Tony Horvath of Specialty Aero over an 11 year period starting in 2006. Download today ›

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