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March 2022

2022 U.S. Unlimited and Advanced Glider National Championships

A Soaring Success!

A Soaring Success!
For the first time since 1999, the Unlimited and Advanced glider competitors flew for a championship title separate from powered aircraft. The Estrella Classic ran from February 16-19 guided by the steady hands of Contest Director Shad Coulson, IAC 440759. With a rise in interest in glider aerobatics and availability of aerobatic-capable gliders at Estrella, the contest was able to host 36 pilots and crown an Unlimited and Advanced national champion. Read more ›


Having a Fit — Fitting in a Pitts

By Budd Davisson, IAC 435420

Having a Fit — Fitting in a Pitts
When it comes to building or buying a Pitts Special, as opposed to something like a Cessna 172, a question is often asked that is seldom part of a 172 purchase. (Yes, I did just put Pitts Special and 172 in the same sentence, which is probably illegal!) The prospective Pitts pilot asks, “Will I fit in it?” This is a valid question, because pilots come in different shapes and sizes, as do Pitts Specials. So various combinations and permutations must be considered.

Read more in the March/April issue of Sport Aerobatics ›


IAC Members Commit to Perform at AirVenture 2022

IAC Members Commit to Perform at AirVenture 2022
Some of the world’s top air show performers have made commitments to fly at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022, including IAC members and U.S. National Aerobatic Champions David Martin, IAC 518; Patty Wagstaff, IAC 9010; Mike Goulian, IAC 11878; and Kirby Chambliss, IAC 12086. Read more ›

IAC AirVenture Updates

Steve Kurtzahn, IAC Executive Director

IAC AirVenture Updates
Since 2015, the entry into the IAC Aerobatics Center has featured exhibition panels celebrating various aircraft anniversaries. In 2022, the front entry will have room for “Meet and Greet” activities as well as more space for merchandise. Also this year, fly your banner and find another IACer to camp with in Camp Scholler. IAC chapters can request space from two to six spots at a flat fee of $252 per site. All the details can be found on the EAA’s Chapter Camping at AirVenture webpage. Read more ›

Marianne Fox Gone West

With deep sadness the IAC shares the news of the sudden passing of Marianne Fox IAC 441091, fiancée of IAC president, Jim Bourke. Marianne passed away early this morning after an airplane accident that occurred during a short, non-aerobatic cross-country flight. The FAA and the NTSB are investigating.

Adventurous, charming, intelligent and caring, Marianne inspired those around her. Her enthusiasm for aviation and aerobatics was infectious. She delighted in the close company of her innumerable friends and her amazing family. Read more ›

Marianne Fox Gone West
IAC News & Stories


Meet the U.S. Nationals Volunteers

The U.S. National Aerobatic Championships is fortunate to have experienced volunteers returning again this year. Among them is John Ostmeyer, IAC 22969, who will once again be the head of the tech inspections, is currently on the IAC board of directors, and is the 2018 U.S. Advanced National Champion. Alice Johnson, IAC 23463, will return as volunteer coordinator and continues to serve as the team manager for the Unlimited Aerobatic Team, which will be headed to Poland this summer. For many years Liza Weaver has acted as registrar and will return once again to that role this year. Read more ›

Meet the U.S. Nationals Volunteers


Team Coats, Part 1 – Michael Coats

By Zinnia Kilkenny, IAC 437244

My dad and I spent many hours flying together through my childhood and into my teens, initially in our 1946 Aeronca “Air Knocker” Chief, then in the family 1964 Cessna 172E. We attended many fly-in pancake breakfasts and cross-country flights. But what I loved most was sharing our affinity for flying and our pilgrimage to Oshkosh every year. Read more ›

Team Coats, Part 1 — Michael Coats



2022 Scholarships

2022 Scholarships
The IAC helps facilitate several scholarships annually. Two of them have deadlines coming June 30.

CP Aviation Emergency Maneuver Training in Memory of Vicki Cruse: This scholarship aims to promote aviation safety through unusual attitude and aerobatic training. The applicant must be a member of IAC and hold a private pilot certificate. Scholarship amount: $3,100 (no cash value).

Greg Koontz Airshows Aerobatic Instructor Scholarship in Memory of Bobby Younkin: The scholarship will be offered to any CFI as an aerobatic instructor course if already aerobatic experienced or as a basic aerobatic course to a CFI with no aerobatic experience. A tailwheel endorsement and current flight instructor certificate are strictly required.

U.S. Air Force Academy Receives Achievement Awards

At the Estrella Classic glider contest, IAC Achievement Award Chair Dave Watson, IAC 26557, announced a number of achievements earned by the U.S. Air Force Academy cadets and their trainers. IAC Stars achievement awards were earned in 2021 and a few during the Estrella contest.

A total of 12 awards were earned, including five in Sportsman, four in Intermediate, and three in the Advanced categories. Congratulations to all the competitors. Read more ›

U.S. Air Force Academy Receives Achievement Awards
Roll With Us


Dukin’ It Out Over Donegal Springs

Dukin’ It Out Over Donegal Springs

Eric Anderson shared this video with IAC Chapter 58. “I love IAC 58. It has in its 44 years of existence played an outsized role in supporting aerobatics in our region. In its heyday the chapter’s contest at Donegal Springs was a thriving regional event. Bob Jones started our chapter because up to that point nothing existed to support aerobatics in Pennsylvania.” Watch now ›



Reflections on 40 years With IAC

By Moises “Cuso” Ortiz, IAC 9127

Featured Exhibit

I have been a member of EAA and the IAC since 1982. I have liked aerobatics since I saw Jim Holland flying an air show in Puerto Rico in 1969 using a Champion Citabria 7KCAB. When he took off and half rolled it in front of us and flew inverted, I said "I want to do that someday.” Read more ›


Volunteer Spotlight – Keith Doyne

By Eric Anderson, IAC 436341, former IAC 58 president

Keith Doyne

We have a new president for IAC Chapter 58! Keith Doyne, IAC Lifetime 10545, has kindly agreed to step up to the job, one he has ably performed in the past.

With Keith’s permission I would like to share his plan for 2022. We will not have a contest this year. The Acroblast! is a blast! It is also stressful. Running a contest requires a core group of chapter members who are willing to work, off and on, for the better part of a year leading up to the event. Keith’s idea is to use 2022 to help build that core. This will be our fun year; our contest sabbatical. Read more ›


EAA Builders Log

Jeff Scott’s Model 14

According to the EAA Builders Log, a discussion of airplanes to build for aerobatics was started between Jeff Scott and Dave Scmitz. The DR-109 got talked about, at which time Jeff contacted Todd Ashcraft about a DR-109. That email traffic migrated to Todd’s Pitts Model 14 truss that was collecting dust. Read more ›

Builders Log


2022 IAC–Sanctioned Contest Listings

It's not too early for competitors and volunteers to register for the 2022 contest season. Visit IAC.org/contests for all the details.

2022 Judge School Calendar

2022 Other IAC Events and Deadlines


IAC Archived Webinars

IAC has been participating in the EAA webinar series since 2011. You can visit many of the webinars given by IAC members online.

Coaches and Camps for Aerobatic Competition:
If you’ve been thinking about progressing in aerobatics, join IAC member and competitor John Ostmeyer, IAC 22969, as he discusses how aerobatic coaches and camps can help your contest flying. Watch now ›

IAC archived webinar

EAA Archived Webinars

Flight Testing Your Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft:
Preparing for the first flight of your experimental amateur-built aircraft and developing your Phase 1 test-flight program is critical. Join EAA Flight Advisor Ted Sanders as he discusses the test-flying program he conducted in his Van’s RV-8. Watch now ›

EAA Archived Webinars
Yak 52


Aviat Pitts Special S-2C, Serial 6089, C-GMXR

Luc Martineau
Montréal, Canada
Photo by Francois "Spark Plug" Bougie
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