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February 2022

IAC Announces International Aerobatics Day

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IAC President Jim Bourke has declared International Aerobatics Day will be held on the fourth Saturday of June, in continuation of last year's pattern. Mark your calendars and reserve June 25 for a worldwide celebration of aerobatic flight!

Last year's inaugural National Aerobatics Day was a success across the globe, so President Bourke declared that this year's event will be international in scope.

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Expensive Aerobatic Seat Cushions

By Wes Liu, IAC 10467

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Parachutes are pretty expensive seat cushions, aren’t they? Looking at the Softie Parachutes, Strong Enterprises, and National Parachute websites I see prices are north of $2,500. Worth a few minutes thinking about the care and use of the one(s) that you fly with and might use someday.

First, if you were not already aware, sun and heat degrade your parachute assembly. Prolonged exposure to UV light weakens nylon and all of those rubber bands that hold the parachute lines in the container weaken and get sticky with heat.

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Pilot Makers

By Jeff Granger, IAC 19907

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In 2018, I retired and moved from Ohio to Park City, Utah. I leased my Extra 300L to Pilot Makers Advanced Flight Academy in Provo and worked on getting my flight instructor rating, with a view toward developing and mentoring new aerobatic competitors.

Now after three years, it’s starting to pay off. We have a nascent aerobatic team within the flight school and a plan for traveling to contests together and eventually starting an IAC chapter in Utah.

Read more in the January/February issue of Sport Aerobatics ›


SUN ‘n FUN – Where It’s At!

From its humble beginnings in 1974 as a fly-in for sport aviation enthusiasts, the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo has grown into one of the largest and most successful aviation events on earth. It is Florida’s largest annual convention of any kind, and each year more than 200,000 visitors flock to what has become known as “Aviation’s Season Opener” or “Spring Break for Pilots.”

SUN ‘n FUN – Where It’s At!

Looking for a place to park your aerobatic aircraft? Stop by SNF Aerobatic HQ for camaraderie with other aerobatic enthusiasts, forums, and surprise guests! Visit them on Facebook ›


2022 Officer/Director Nominations Sought

By Doug Sowder, IAC 14590, IAC Elections Chair

Hello, IAC members, it is time to nominate our 2022 slate of officers and directors. Nominating petitions are due by April 15. Voting will be done electronically on the IAC website, beginning June 29. Voting ends on July 26. New officers and directors will be installed at the close of the IAC Annual Membership Meeting at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on July 29, 2022. More details ›

2022 Officer/Director Nominations Sought

Edge 540 — UK Service Bulletin

During an aerobatic flight of an Edge 540, as the pilot applied a full left aileron control input, the center hinge attachment for the right aileron failed. This allowed the right aileron to bend up in the center and fail before detaching from the aircraft; only a small inboard section of the aileron remained attached. The pilot had sufficient control remaining to make a safe landing.

Edge 540 — UK Service Bulletin

Read more in the January 20, 2022, United Kingdom Air Accidents Investigation Branch Report ›


Les Horvath Gone West

By Jason Stephens, IAC 27434

Les Horvath, former U.S. National Glider Aerobatic Champion and founder of the Sailplane Aerobatics Association, died on November 9, 2021.

Les brought hundreds of glider pilots into the world of glider aerobatics through decades of teaching at Estrella Sailport, performing in numerous air shows and as author of Sailplane Aerobatics, a textbook still in wide use today. A supremely talented pilot with an infectious smile and unmistakable accent, Les was known around the world as one of the true masters of the sport. Read more ›

Les Horvath Gone West
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Update From the Contest Director

Planning for the 2022 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships is proceeding ahead and really hardly stops after the championships are completed each fall. Lessons are learned, new rules are implemented, policy is revised, and officials chosen. Nationals will be held on Sunday, October 2, through Friday, October 7, with our awards banquet and ceremonies on the last night. Please mark your calendars.
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Update From the Contest Director

Jury Chairman Appointed

By Mike Heuer, IAC 4

The IAC Executive Committee met via a Zoom meeting on January 18, and approved Bob Meyer to be the chair of the jury for the 2022 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships. Bob has considerable experience in jury work and has headed the Nationals jury on several occasions over the last few years. An active IAC member since 1975, Bob competed from shortly after he joined up until 2005. He now serves as a judge and jury member at regional competitions as well, and hails from Tehachapi, California. Learn more ›

Jury Chairman Appointed


Childhood Fascination Comes to Life

By Zinnia Kilkenny, IAC 437244

“Aviation is still a relatively new field to me,” said Haley Jo Brinson. “My interest, however, began before I could remember. As my mother would recall, I’ve always shown a particular interest in planes.

On one of my first trips to Florida (I believe I was 5 years old), it became overwhelmingly clear to my mother that I loved flying. While planes scared or upset other children, my mother recalls how I found them fascinating.”
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Childhood Fascination Comes to Life



2022 Scholarships

2022 Scholarships
The IAC helps facilitate several scholarships annually. Two of them have deadlines coming soon in March.

The Michael E. Blackstone Memorial Scholarship - Deadline March 15. The Fullerton (California) chapter of the Ninety-Nines, Inc., an international organization of women pilots, will fund a $2,000 scholarship in memory of Michael E. Blackstone for entrants with at least a private pilot certificate to pursue emergency maneuvering training and/or basic aerobatics.

Figure 1 Foundation - Spring Deadline March 31 for Upset Recovery | Spin Training | Introduction to Aerobatics Scholarship. This scholarship provides the recipient with an FAA spin endorsement, emergency and unusual attitude recovery, and aerobatic sequence training to achieve an IAC Smooth Award. Value up to $3,900.

IAC Member Comment Sought on P&P 504

The board of directors is requesting member comment on changes to our policy and procedures (P&P) manual regarding the team selection process at U.S. Nationals and an optional method to fill vacancies with a pilot who may not be able to attend Nationals. Section 504 of the IAC P&P requires a 60-day member comment period.

IAC Member Comment Sought on P&P 504

The 60-day member comment ends on March 15, 2022. See all changes to P&P 504.

Please direct any comments to Bob Freeman, IAC director.


2022 IAC Rule Book Available for Download

The 2022 IAC Contest Rule Book had been uploaded to the IAC website. The Rules Committee lead by Barrett Hines, Rules Chair, has compiled the changes that were approved at the IAC Fall board meeting and updated the rule book. It is ready for download. Read more ›

2022 IAC Rule Book Available for Download
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Ray Luttrell

By Doug Partl, IAC 27434

Ray Luttrell

Ray was my main mentor when I got into the Pitts in the late ’70s. I was self-taught in my Pitts S-1, which was also my first tailwheel, but I couldn’t have done aerobatics without Ray watching my every move. He critiqued me and offered valuable advice, not only on my flying but also in rigging and maintenance items.

As I remember, that airplane did the first knife edge loop, by adding a “flap” to the “I strut.” His nitrous system was insane. Self-designed. Ridiculous power. Vertical rolls too numerous to count. Read more and watch the video ›



New Contest Press Release Forms

Supporting information for contest organizers

Ray Luttrell

“Running an aerobatic contest is no easy task, but it’s even worse when no one shows up!” said Jim Bourke in his president page in the July 2021 issue of Sport Aerobatics.

In his article, Jim went on to point out a number of ways an IAC chapter can promote their contest — talk to flight schools, post flyers, call the local radio station about your contest, and let the local newspaper know what’s happening at the local airport.

IAC HQ has provided a sample and a template press release in the contest director packet to help your promotion efforts. Learn more ›


Texas Championship Series Wrap-Up

By Doug Jenkins, IAC 436255

The Hill Country Hammerfest was the final contest of 2021 in Texas. This contest finalized the standings for the annual Texas Championship Series. There were two categories that had pilots qualify by competing in all three Texas contests.

After averaging the scores from The Early Bird, the Lone Star Aerobatic Championships, and The Hill Country Hammerfest, the final results for the 2021 Texas Championship Series are:

Texas Championship Series Wrap-Up

1st - Doug Jenkins
2nd - Jay Hanson
3rd - Todd Nelson

1st - Klayton Kirkland
2nd - Julia Wood
3rd - Dave Prather Read more ›



2022 IAC – Sanctioned Contest Listings

It's not too early for competitors and volunteers to register for the 2022 contest season. Visit IAC.org/contests for all the details.

2022 Judge School Calendar

2022 Other IAC Events and Deadlines


EAA Hints for Homebuilders

Are you getting ready to build an aircraft or in the middle of a project and looking for some expert advice? EAA has a series of videos from EAA SportAir Workshops instructors that can guide you through everything from sheet metal, electrical, to wood and fabric work. Watch now ›

Hints For Homebuilders

IAC Archived Webinars

Recreational Aerobatics: The Basics
International Aerobatics Club member Gordon Penner discusses how to do safe, gentle aerobatics whether or not your aircraft has an inverted fuel/oil system. Watch now ›

IAC has been participating in the EAA webinar series since 2011. You can visit many of the webinars given by IAC members online.

Hints For Homebuilders


Sukhoi Su–26

Herman Dierks waits his turn to fly at the 2019 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships.
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