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March 2019

Young Eagles Chapter Coordinators & Field Representatives Update
Total Young Eagles Flown: 2,141,033 - as of 2/25/2019

Welcome aboard to those who are receiving their first edition of this quarterly newsletter from the Young Eagles office designed to support your efforts in the field. To those continuing their support in this role, thank you for your dedication. We cannot express how important you all are to the success of the Young Eagles program. Chapters that have strong leadership in the Young Eagles coordinator position have very successful rallies as well as youth activities in the chapter. Please review the Chapter Coordinator Responsibilities to ensure that you understand your role. As coordinator/field rep your contact info is on our Find a Flight website; please check to make certain we have the correct phone number listed.

If you are no longer active in this role, please notify me so we can update our records.

Coordinator Resources
Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Young Eagles website. Important links for preparation and information (i.e. ordering supplies), event insurance, and much more can be found within the Volunteer Resources tab. It's important that as the coordinator you are aware of and understand the EAA Flight Plan as well as the EAA Air Academy so the participants and their parents are informed about all the opportunities their new Young Eagle has through EAA. Check out Our Next Gen of Enthusiasts.

Young Eagles Credit Notification
The credit letters were sent at the end of February. Pilot credit for those who belong to a chapter and flew 10 or more Young Eagles in 2018 will be included in a letter sent to Young Eagles coordinators. Pilots who do not belong to a chapter and flew 10 or more Young Eagles in 2018 will receive individual letters. We will also send this notification electronically to the president, treasurer, and the Young Eagles coordinator for each chapter. In 2020 the credit letter will be sent in digital format only. For more detailed information regarding the credits, please visit Young Eagles Credit Program.

EAA Youth Protection Program
The Youth Protection Program was rolled out in 2016 as a requirement for all EAA members working with youths. Eligibility through program must be renewed every three years. Notification to renew will be sent to members prior to expiration. The process for renewal has remained the same. See the YPP website for more details on the EAA Youth Protection Policy and Program or use the Training Lookup tool to check on someone's availability to participate.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)
In this case, ICE isn't something we have to scrape off our windshields in winter or keep off our wings in flight. Rather, ICE is short for in case of emergency. Young Eagles volunteers have compiled a great safety record over the past 25 years. However, no matter how careful we are, there are times when things don't go as planned. This information is also located online if you would like to make copies.

First and foremost, make sure first aid and qualified medical personnel are immediately notified of any injury, and protect damaged property from any further damage. If there is an incident or accident at a Young Eagles event, please contact EAA risk management as soon as possible with the following information:
  • Date, time, and location of the incident.
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all injured persons.
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all witnesses.
In addition:
  • Have someone take photographs of the incident if possible.
  • Don't discuss the facts leading up to the incident at any time with the news media.
  • Don't discuss the facts leading up to the incident at any time with the news media.
Emergency Contact Information for EAA Risk Management: Karen Kryzaniak, 920-426-4822 (weekdays 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time) or 920-379-4822 (cell), or email kkryzaniak@eaa.org.

Fly Young Eagles, Get $1/Gallon Fuel RebatePhillips 66 Provides Young Eagles $1 Per Gallon Fuel Rebate
EAA Young Eagles presenting sponsor Phillips 66 provides Young Eagles volunteer pilots with a $1 per gallon rebate when they use the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card to fill up for Young Eagles flights. For more details on the rebate, please visit the Phillips 66 website.

International Young Eagles Day June 8
Our 26th annual International Young Eagles Day falls on June 8 this year. We set aside one day each year to encourage all EAA members to participate by flying Young Eagles whether at a chapter rally or as an individual pilot to fly Young Eagles across the country. For greater success start planning early – we have resources to help you.

Order Supplies
Event Insurance
Rally Planning
Pilot Requirements

Please go to Volunteer Resources for more useful tools.

Online Registration Update
More than 60 chapters have been using the Young Eagles Day online tool for managing their Young Eagles rallies. This program has the capability to create your event, and to sign up kids as well as the pilots prior to the event. You can also schedule time slots so you have better control over the flow of activity. At this time, we are asking that parents sign a liability waiver that must be sent to EAA by the chapter's Young Eagles coordinator after the rally.

The final step to launch the program for all to use is linking the data to our system here so after the rally you can hit Submit and it will automatically upload to our database. We are forecasting this to be available by April 2019. In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with the website and videos. The videos will be updated as well before the complete launch. We are excited for all of you to use this program as we think it will simplify so much of the "work" of orchestrating a Young Eagles rally!
Michelle's Thoughts

Michelle KunesFrom time to time I receive a call from a member who is having issues with someone in a chapter. We all have issues with someone we work with, a neighbor, a family member, or a friend – it's part of life. One message that has caught my attention and stayed with me is the need to "let things go" – stop bringing up past negative experiences and reliving them.

You never know what a person is dealing with that wasn't as polite as you expected them to be or said something rude. The Young Eagles program is about bringing people together from all walks of life who share a common interest. So let's leave our "issues" outside the door and focus on sharing our passion and excitement of something we all enjoy with the next generation of aviation enthusiasts. Let's look to 2019 to be the best year ever and that means different things to each one of you. Let's work together to not only support the Young Eagles program but to be open-minded enough to explore ways of growing in areas we never dreamed of before. Spring will come and there will be lots of great flying weather! A warm thank-you to each one of you for your volunteer spirit. Please keep in touch and feel free to contact me at mkunes@eaa.org or 920-426-6114.

Michelle Kunes, EAA 624787
Young Eagles Program Coordinator
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