Pushing Past TBO - Running your Rotax Engine "On Condition"

Wed, Mar 10, 2021, from 7 - 8:30 p.m. CST

Presenter: Prof. H. Paul Shuch

Many of us are experienced with the ubiquitous Lycomings and Continentals, engines based upon 1930s designs. The Rotax 900 series of aircraft engines, which now power 80% of the light-sport fleet, are noted for their reliability and longevity. These modern European designs defy our notion of time between overhauls. In this FAA WINGS and AMT Award webinar Prof. H. Paul Shuch, a noted flight instructor and Rotax maintenance technician, tells you why you can forget everything you know about TBO, and how you can keep your Rotax operational far longer than you expected.

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